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A2a Healthcare has a sole focus of providing end-to-end revenue cycle execution for providers. Our expertise to provide a wide variety of services to organizations in the Healthcare industry, such as hospitals, midsized provider organizations, Medical Billing Companies.

Why Choose A2A Healthcare Solutions?

Overall collection rate of 97 to 98 percent.

99 Percent of our electronic claims were field on time and received by carrier.

Denial rate is less than 2 percent. All rejections and denials are corrected and submitted within one business day.

Multi - specialty epertise : -

End your worries, looking for different vendors for different specialties. We serve over 42 specialties.

Customized services : –

We understand there’s no fixed solution to various problems. So, we go an extra mile to analyze, detect & remove the loopholes.

Innovative solutions : –

Our analysts spend lot of time on detecting & busting billing & reimbursement trends to come up with unique solutions that will work for you.

Reliability for timeliness : –

Time is of essence when it comes to reimbursements & we round the clock to ensure that.

Reduce around 50%* Operations Cost & increase around 10 – 20% Revenue!

Our Services

DME Billing

Family Practice Billing

Ambulance Billing

Mental Health Billing

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