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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing Services

DME billing is a complicated process that can become a huge challenge if you don’t have experienced billers and coders. From patient validation and obtaining prior authorisations to using correct forms for claims submission and compliance to HIPAA, there are several complexities involved in obtaining payments.

Another major difficulty that lies in obtaining DME reimbursement is that they don’t form a complete
treatment episode. They are just a part of the treatment and their necessity also depends on the physician’s recommendation. So in order to get paid, not only the necessity has to be established but additional paperwork is also required.

Family Practice Billing Services

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One of main expenses we do in our families is to pay bills for hospitals. For a month or on a year, we spend some amount of money for the welfare of our family. Your family can stand strong when the finance of the medical billing is being managed in proper way. We help in monitoring your family bills right from new born to old aged people without any hesitation. Connect with us to feel the good vibe of billing services.

Many of kinds

The medicines and treatment will entirely differ in your whole family. The children can be treated for some other illness and elder ones can be treated for pain or aging related issues. Everything can be properly managed by our 12 years of experience in Family practice billing services which we excel. We have got ample of knowledge in providing these kinds of services without making any errors. Connect with us to classify your family medical care bills in proper way.

Ambulance Billing Services

Ambulance is one of the most important transport factors for saving many lives. They come under the bills of emergency departments. There are many medical industries still existing without getting proper reimbursements for services of ambulance. When ambulance billing services are properly mentioned in claims, there are 100% chances for getting reimbursed without any denials. But most of the billing services don’t see to the benefit of medical industry. Our ambulance billing service is a separate branch which keenly focuses on getting right reimbursements on time.

Mental Health Billing Services

Have you been experiencing a significant drop in ROI and delays in obtaining reimbursement for your Mental Health practice? If the answer is yes, then it is time for a billing process overhaul. Changes in coding standards, government regulations and insurer rules can prove to be a nightmare if mental health billers aren’t experienced.

Radiology Billing Services

Choose the wise choices for your radiology billing

Radiology is an interesting department which deals with X-rays, Computed Tomography. It involves various concepts which have to be handled with perfect care and keen documentation. Even a small change can reflect a biggest mistake in claiming reimbursements. It is very important to gain control over your radiology bills in your medical industry. It can make wonderful profits which you have never thought of. When the profits are increasing then there are chances for improving the services of medical industry.

Chiropractic Billing Services

Poor medical billing practices continue to be the top reason why chiropractors are losing a lot of revenue. Due to billing negligence such as under-billing of patients and scams like over-coding and canned diagnosis, many chiropractic offices are losing billions in revenue every year.

Are your chiropractic claims also failing to meet Medicare documentation requirements? Are coding and billing errors resulting in denials and revenue loss? If the answer is yes, then it is time for a change in your billing department.

We can either be your full-time chiropractic billing partner or be a part of your billing service with specific outsourced solutions.

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